Readiness Letters and Numbers

Magnetic Learning Letters, Set of 104

These soft foam, magnetic letters offer a new spin on hands-on letter learning and reading readiness..


Make a Splash 120 Mat Floor Game

Dive into number concepts through 120! Learn about place value and practice addition and subtraction..


Numbers & Counting Pocket Chart

Sure to engage your students, this chart with fun illustrations makes early math a positive experien..


Vowel Owls Sorting Set - Learning Resources

Vowels of a feather gather together to make phonics and word recognition a hoot! Help students disti..


Alphabet Suitcase™

You're all packed for learning fun! Just grab your suitcase—it's already filled with a variety of ea..


Alphabet Center Pocket Chart

Ready-made alphabet center comes with 208 cards!    Teaches alphabet awareness, ..


Picnic Part An Early Math Game - Learning Resources®

Start marching! Beat your fellow ants to the picnic basket while comparing and counting up numbers i..


Pop for Rhyming™ Game

Fun pre-reading practice with a POP! Pull a picture card, say what you see ("cat"), then say a word ..


Magnetic Hooks, Set of 5

Free up more wall and bulletin board space by storing materials on metal filing cabinets and other m..


Magnetic Foam Uppercase Letters, Set of 52

  This set of magnetic soft foam upper case letters is a great way to practice building wor..


Magnetic Foam Lowercase Letters, Set of 52

Practice building words with this 52-piece set of magnetic lowercase letters. Made of soft, durable ..


Magnetic Foam Letters & Numbers Deluxe Set, Set of 154

This 154-piece set of magnetic soft foam upper and lower case letters, numbers, operation signs and ..


Magnetic Double-Sided Tabletop Pocket Chart

This self-standing, double-sided pocket chart features a magnetic board on top and three storage poc..


Lowercase Magnetic Learning Letters, Set of 104

Soft foam letters stick to any magnetic surface. Great for building early literacy skills.   ..


Let's Tackle Kindergarten™,178 pieces

  Ages 3-6 Our tackle box is packed with fun activities that help prepare your chi..


Jumbo Uppercase Magnetic Letters, Set of 40

  Every child loves to build simple words on the refrigerator with magnetic letters. And th..


Jumbo Numbers Stamps, Set of 33

  Ages 3-5 The jumbo size of these number stamps makes it easy for little hands to..


Jumbo Magnetic Numbers, Set of 36

Every child loves to play with magnetic letters and numbers on the refrigerator. And these durable, ..


Jumbo Lowercase Magnetic Letters, Set of 40

Every child loves to build simple words on the refrigerator with magnetic letters. And these du..


I Sea 10 Game

Reel in addition skills by catching combinations of 10! Players take turns flipping cards to show nu..


Double-Sided Magnetic Numbers, Set of 26

  Ages 4-6 Make number sense connections with magnets featuring numerals on one si..


Double-Sided Magnetic Letters, Set of 26

  Full-color photos of familiar objects help reinforce a range of early literacy skills. ..


7 Color Stamp Pad

  Ages 5-7 You won't be at a loss for color with this seven-color stamp pad. Inclu..


Jumbo Magnetic Letters & Numbers Combo Set, Set of 116

  Ages 3-8 Every child loves to build simple words on the refrigerator with magnet..


Number and Dot Bean Bag

Numbers are as easy as 1-2-3 with this set of colorful canvas bean bags. Set of 10 square bean bags ..


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