Magnetic Learning Letters, Set of 104

These soft foam, magnetic letters offer a new spin on hands-on letter learning and reading readiness..


Large Magnetic Letters Uppercase Set/31

Set of 31 large uppercase letters, consisting of 21 blue consonants and 10 red vowels. ..

S$18.90 S$19.90

Large Magnetic Letters Lowercase Set/31

Set of 31 lowercase letters , consisting of 21 consonants (blue) and 10 vowels (red) in a storage bu..


Uppercase Alphabet & Punctuation Stamps

Kids love stamps and you'll love that they're learning. A great hands-on way to teach the alphabet, ..


Alphabet Island A Letters and Sound Game

Join the island adventure where players race to match upper- and lowercase letters. Watch out for th..



What's the buzz? Learning your ABCs, 123s, and shapes! Introducing letter, number, and shape recogni..

S$30.60 S$36.00

Snap n Learn Alphabet Alligators

Matching uppercase and lowercase letters is a snap with these two-piece gators! Each color-coded gat..


Reading Rods Alphabet Activities Big Book

Great for group time with your students! Includes two reproducible worksheets, built-in easel, holes..


Lowercase Alphabet & Punctuation Stamps

Stamps are a fun way for students to learn letters, practice spelling and build words. Each set cont..


Jumbo Lowercase Alphabet Stamp Set

The jumbo size of these alphabet stamps makes it easy for little hands to grasp and use on their own..


FingerFocus Highlighter, Small Group, Set of 6

Students will love these bright, transparent wands. The FingerFocus Highlighter is the perfect tool ..


Large Magnetic Letters (Deluxe Uppercase set/93)

These Large letters measure 2-4 inches in height and are clearly visible on the whiteboard; from a r..


Large Magnetic Letters (Deluxe Lowercase set/72)

These large magnetic letters measures 2 - 6.4 cm in height and are clearly visible on the whiteboard..


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