Smart Recordable Reading Pen

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Smart Reading Pen is the best product to teach your child English! The main product feature is the Pen itself - it reads words out loud, sings songs and helps with pronunciation. All you have to do is point the pen at a provided book or at one of the recordable stickers and the pen will come to life. You can use the stickers anywhere so that you can make learning a fun and joyful experience. 

The Pen also comes with 800 recordable stickers, so you can animate every object around you. All you have to do is point the pen at the sticker, say the word out loud and stick the sticker wherever you want. The next time you point the pen at the sticker, you will hear your own voice. You can use this feature to make learning more fun or to even teach a different language.

Each Set contains the following items;

  • One smart reading pen
  • set of 800 stickers for recording
  • set of stickers of common words (pre-recorded in pen)
  • USB charging cable

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