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0-30 Number Line Floor Mat

Combine kinesthetic movement with the most common number line format in the curriculum. Jumbo number..


1" Wooden Color Cubes, Set of 102

Set of 102 pieces of 1 inch wooden colour cubes in a plastic tube. Each cube measures 1" x 1" x 1".&..


10-sided Dice in Dice

Features 10 sided shape on both interior and exterior dice for teaching statistics, predictions and ..


15 inch Rainbow Handpointers, Set of 10

Colorful, hands-on pointers are easy to see against whiteboards and other light backgrounds.  ..


2- and 4- Column Double-Sided Pocket Chart

Joined by grommets at the top, double-sided chart is an ideal higher-order thinking tool.  &n..


24" Hand Pointers, Set of 3

Fun, longer-reaching pointer encourages attention and participation. Use for any subject!  &n..


3-Way Magnification Science Station

 Let students observe with a close eye, then compare views! Durable, practical magnification st..


60 Minute Jumbo Timer

A little cheer goes a long way when teaching kids time management skills.   Features ..


60 Second Jumbo Timer

Make every second count with our stylish Jumbo Timer. •Cheerful timer helps you make every second co..


ABC Chalk Talk!™ Electronic Learning Chalkboard

Make early learning exciting with our unique play mat!    Features more than 30 ..


Airport Set

Take off for some high-flying fun at the world's soon-to-be busiest airport. Features arrival a..


Algebra Balance

Unlike any other balance, this one makes it possible to physically show that -10. Weights placed on ..


Algebra Tiles™ Class Set

Students build geometric models of polynomials exploring firsthand concepts related to them. Include..


All Around Learning™ Circle Time Activity Set

Gather around for circle-time fun!    Sharpen early math skills (shape and numbe..


Alphabet Big Book

Everyone will be learning the alphabet in a BIG way with this all-in-one, spiral-bound book that foc..


Alphabet Center Pocket Chart

Ready-made alphabet center comes with 208 cards!    Teaches alphabet awareness, ..


Alphabet Marks the Spot™

Ages 5-8 Look before you leap to learn the ABCs! Features 8 different alphabet, letter sounds and sp..


Animatools™ Hammerhead Shark Set

 Grab the "Duck Tape" and get to work. These cute, colourful tools offer hours of imaginative p..


Attendance Pocket Chart

Keep it simple! Even your youngest students can locate and move their figure to show who's here and ..


Attribute Apples, Set of 27

Compare apples to apples with this unique set!   Sort and classify apples by 5 attribut..


Attribute Beads, Set of 144

Kids will love stringing necklaces with different shapes, sizes and colors of beads. Provides many w..


Avalanche Fruit Stand

Are you steady enough to work at this fun fruit stand? Spin the wheel, then use the jumbo tweezers t..


Barnyard Answer Buzzers, Set of 12

Why raise your hand when you can moo? Encourage student response with some silliness! Sounds include..


Barnyard Buzzers

  Encourage student response with some silliness!   Includes cow, ro..


Beads and Pattern Card Set

Young learners will enjoy stringing together their own patterns with this set of colorful, hardwood ..


Beads in a Bucket

This set of colorful hardwood spheres, cubes and cylinders with laces provides plenty of patterning ..


Bean Counters™, Set of 200

Two-color plastic bean counters offer students a hands-on tool for understanding and manipulating ea..


Beginner’s Balance

Let the Three Bear Family® weigh in with this simple see-saw balance! A visually engaging and t..


Beginning Sorting Set, Set of 168

This 168-piece set is sure to please even your pickiest young learner. Includes 48 Mini Dinos, 36 Fr..


Big View Bug Jars, Set of 12

   Adorable jars feature ladybug wings that open to invite little learners to investig..


Blends Center Pocket Chart

This heavy-duty chart is sure to keep students' interests as you teach beginning blends. It fea..


Bright Bites Alphabet Soup

Warm up to letters with irresistible alphabet soup! Bright Bites delivers children's favorite foods,..


Bright Bites, Burger Shapes

Order up: tasty shapes coming through! Bright Bites delivers children's favorite foods, with a diffe..


Calendar and Weather Pocket Chart

Engage children in learning about seasonal happenings and weather with our illustrated chart.  ..


Character Building Pocket Chart

Ages 6-12Build classroom community through character education. Introduces key character traits and ..


Circular Sorting Tray

Use this circular sorting tray to help students count, sort and classify their counters. Tray is mad..


Classroom Centers Pocket Chart

At a glance, students can find out where they belong, without having to ask.  Encourages re..


Color Mixing Glasses

 Take a look! These unique child–size glasses and interchangeable lenses let students observe t..


Color Paddles, 6 colors, Set of 18

Transparent 6 paddles in six colors with three textures demonstrate the principles of color mixing. ..


Connecting Cuisenaire® Rods Intro Set, Set of 74 Rods

Get students connected to math with this new manipulative! These plastic rods connect together while..


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