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Magnetic Fraction Tiles Set of 51

Fraction Tiles - made of EVA foam, with a printed laminated paper on top layer and a magnetic layer ..


Magnetic Yellow and Red Counters - 1 inch Set of 100 pieces

Set of 100 magnetic counters, packed in a plastic container. Consists of 50 red and 50 yellow counte..


Wooden Metre Ruler with metal end

Wooden Metal Ruler, with metal end. Metric markings (cm markings with milimeter graduations) on one ..


Colour Counting Chips, Set of 100

Set of 100 colour counting chips in four colours, useful for sorting, patterning or number operation..


Measuring Tape

These simple measuring tape is sold in sets of 10. Measures to 60” or 150cm. Made of durable fabric ..


Wild Science Crystal Growing Studio

Create a gorgeous 'Citrine Crystal Ball' for your Crystal collection.  Have fun making wonderfu..


Wires 30cm with crocodile clips

Set of 10 pieces of connecting wires , with insulated crocodile clips on both ends. Come in 5 colour..


Fraction Circles. Plastic

Plastic Fraction Circles comes in 9 full fraction discs comprising of 51 fraction pieces. Each disc ..


Number Fan 0-9

These great number fans can be used for developing a wide range of numeracy skills, from number reco..


Large Test Tube with rack

Set of 6 test tubes with 28mm internal diameter with flat bottom so that it can stand on a table. Ma..


Mini Math Balance

Math balance measuring 40cm span. Include 20 pieces of weight...


Large Magnetic Letters (Deluxe Lowercase set/72)

These large magnetic letters measures 2 - 6.4 cm in height and are clearly visible on the whiteboard..


Retractable Tape Measure

10 m retractable table measure with both metric (cm and m) and imperial (inches and feet) markings o..


Transparent Counters, Set of 1000

1 inch (25.4mm) diameter round transparent counters , in 4 colours (Green, Yellow, Blue, Red) . Idea..


Tens Frames Blank Set of 16 pieces

Each laminated cardboard frame is large, measures 8 x 20cm making it easier to use and see. Ideal fo..


Clock Dominoes Analogue Digital 12hr- Set of 28 pieces

Clock Dominoes Analogue/Digital 12hr 28p - MATHS, Dominoes - Genie Educational..


Fruit Counters, Set of 108 pieces

Exciting fruit counters that makes sorting and patterning deliciously fun, Set of 108 pieces made of..


World Map Floor Puzzle, 54 Pieces

This large puzzle makes geography and learning location of countries fun and exciting.  Young l..


Multi - Link (Snap Link) Cubes , Set of 100pcs

There are 2 types of link cubes, namely the Multi -Link (snap-link) cubes and fne link cubes. The sm..


Metre Cube

A must-Have for math lessons on volume, area and linear measurements. Easily assembled and dismantle..


Plastic Yellow Base Ten Set

Lighter than their interlocking counterpart above, these yellow plastic base ten are easy and enjoya..


Soft Foam Geometric Solids

Enhance geometry lessons through colorful, tactile 3-D shapes with quiet soft foam Geometric Solids...


Pentominos - Set of 60

5 complete sets of planar pentominoes, in 5 colours. Excellent for fun activities and building thei..


Counting Links, Set of 500

Use these links for sorting, patterning, counting, measurement, even graphing activities! Each link..


Transparent Counters, Set of 250

Plastic round transparent counters, measuring 1 inch in diameter (25.4 mm). Counters come in 4 colou..


Magnetic Word Families Tiles

This soft foam titles with magnet makes it fun to form words. The blue titles are the beginning blen..


Jumbo Write-On Wipe Off 6 Sided Dice

Large Write On/Wipe Off Dice. 6 sided, measuring 12cm x 12cm x 12cm. MATHS, Dice..


Insect (bug) Counters, Set of 72

Set of 72 pieces of insect counters. Consists of 12 insects type. There are 6 pieces of each insects..


Soft-foam pattern block, Set of 250

Teach sorting, patterning, shape recognition and spatial reasoning with these colourful pattern bloc..


Classpack Tangrams, set of 210

Set of 210 pieces, consisting of 30 full tangram puzzles, each with 7 geometric shapes. 4 colours, ..


Magnetic Blank Number Line

Strips of number lines, which allows write on / wipe off. One colour line with 21 divisions. 400 x 6..


Pet Counters, Set of 72

 Ideal for early learners and enhance theme-based units. Set includes counters in 6 shapes–a do..


Multiplication and Division Match Bingo

Multiplication and division problem skills can be practised whilst playing this fun bingo game. Answ..


Dice Write On/Wipe Off 10 Face

Magnetic surface! Use for number, fractions, decimals, percentages, square, almost anything! Not jus..


Plastic Dry Erase Graphing Board XY, Set of 10

Write-on and Wipe Erase board, made on flexible polypropylene (flexible plastic sheet), 22.8cm x 30...


Plastic Dry Erase Graphing Board , Set of 10

Write-on and Wipe Erase board, made on flexible polypropylene (flexible plastic sheet), 22.8cm x 30...


Connecting Cuisenaire Rods , Set of 155 pieces

Fractional rods, in 10 different sizes, from 1 unit (1cm) to 10 units (10 cm), in 10 colours. The r..


Eye Model - Dissectable

A scientifically realistic model of the human eye, enlarged 6 times. Dissectable to 6 parts, includi..


Place Value Dice, Ones and Tens, Set of 10

Set of 10 pieces of 10 sided polyhedral dice. 5 dice have numbers 0 to 9 while the other 5 have numb..


Polyhedral Dice, Set of 7 - Red

7-Die dice set: package includes 1 x 4-sided dice, (numbers 1-4) 1 x 6-sided dice (numbers ..


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