3D Geometry

3D- Geometry

Foldable Geometric Shapes

This innovative folding geometric shape set is perfect for hands-on lessons in symmetry, Nets, perim..


Relational Geo-shapes (Large Shapes)

Set of 17 pieces of 3-Dimensional Geometric Shapes, consisting of prisms, pyramids, cones, cylinders..


Dive into Shapes  A Sea and Build Geometry Set

Splash into geometry! Combine sticks in 3 sizes, along with curves for making circles and cylinders,..


Mini GeoSolids®

Shapes, sizes and relationships are fun to learn with these colorful, plastic geometric pieces. Set ..


Reflective Geometry with the GeoReflector™ Activity Book

Make the most out of the GeoReflector Mirror with this 64-page Activity Book! Includes 90 activities..


Every Day Shapes Activity Set

Children will start to see shapes everywhere they go! Make the connection between geometric shapes i..


View-Thru® Geometric Solids

Transparent, 3–D plastic shapes get an update—bold, bright colors! This selection of common geometri..


Soft Foam Geometric Solids

Enhance geometry lessons through colorful, tactile 3-D shapes with quiet soft foam Geometric Solids...


Soft Foam Large Geometric Shapes

Soft-Foam Large Geometric Shapes add a tactile element to geometry lessons. Quiet soft foam shapes i..


Relational GeoSolids®, Set of 14

Demonstrate the relationship between shape, size and volume with this set of 14 clear plastic geomet..


Real World Geometric Shapes™

 Relate 3-D geometric shapes to real-world objects!   24 durable nets (..


Power Solids®, Set of 12

This versatile set of 12 translucent plastic geometric solids uses many of the standard dimensions o..


PolyConstructo® Pyramids Set

  It's easy to understand pyramids when you can construct them in three dimensions. This se..


Overhead Folding Geometric Shapes™

Model geometric shapes in two-dimensional form with this overhead set. Use to teach visualization an..


Mini Geofix Retail Pack 2

Mini Geofix is the mini version of Geofix ideal for individual student or small group. Retail packs ..


Mini Geofix Retail Pack 1

Mini Geofix is the mini version of Geofix ideal for individual student or small group. Retail packs ..


Mini Geofix Maxitub

Mini Geofix Maxitub contains 700 shapes and is an ideal all-inclusive set for beginners to geofix. U..


Large Geometric Plastic Shapes, Set of 10

This big, bright set of 10 shapes invites students to explore geometry. Shapes have a common three-i..


Geometric Solids, Set of 12

Students can explore shape, size, pattern, volume and measurement with these invaluable hands-on too..


Folding Geometric Shapes Activity Cards

  Hands–on activities help students make concrete connections between 3–D and 2–D concepts...


3-D Pentomino Puzzle, Set of 12 pieces

Take problem solving to a new dimension with pentominoes! Twelve 3-D pieces form hundreds of combina..


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