Base Ten

Base Ten

Interlocking Base Ten: 1 Cube

This unique cube conveniently interlocks with other base ten components to clarify place value, esti..


Magnetic Tens Frame Set

Includes 4 x boards and 80 x pegs (40 red/blue and 40 blue). Made of soft EVA foam that is easy and ..


Large Magnetic Ten-Frame

Giant Magnetic Ten-Frames and colourful discs allow students and teachers to demonstrate number conc..


Large Magnetic Base Ten Set

Set of 121 pieces comprising of 1 cube, 10 flats, 10 rods and 100 units. Large enough to be visible ..


I Sea 10 Game

Reel in addition skills by catching combinations of 10! Players take turns flipping cards to show nu..


I Have, Who Has? Place Value

I Have, Who Has? games are an engaging way to practice and reinforce math skills with the whole clas..


Base Ten Mat

PVC Mat measures 45cm x 30cm. It is suitably sized to be placed on the student's table and for them ..


Base 10 Block Book

Comprehensive activities and manipulative exercises for use with Base Ten Block materials. This 112-..


Interlocking Base Ten: 100 Units

This unique set of 100 base ten units conveniently interlocks to clarify place value, estimation and..


Interlocking Base Ten: 10 Flats

This unique set of 10 base ten flats conveniently interlocks to clarify place value, estimation and ..


Giant Magnetic Base Ten Set

Model essential base ten and place value concepts on your whiteboard so the whole class can see. ..


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