Two-Color Counters,  Yellow & Red, Set of 200

Thicker than traditional counters, these yellow and red plastic counters are excellent for counting ..


Colour Counting Chips, Set of 100

Set of 100 colour counting chips in four colours, useful for sorting, patterning or number operation..


All About Me Family Counters (Set of 72)

* Meet a real multi-tasking family of manipulatives! Help young children learn all about themselves ..


Skill Builders! Preschool Numbers

Play your way to preschool-ready skills with these fun, quick activities! This 52-piece set's hands-..


Tri-Grip Tongs (Set of 6)

Strengthen pencil grip skills without the pencil! It's easy to build one of the most important fine ..


Mini Motor Math Activity Set

Count your way to the finish line! These colorful cars are ready to rev their engines for early math..


Gator Grabber Tweezers™, Set of 12

Sized for little hands and great for developing the pincer grasp! Working on fine motor skills is fu..


Colour Square Tiles, Set of 400

Set of 400 square colour square tiles measures 2.54cm (1") x 2.54cm x 0.5 cm (thickness) and comes i..


Four Color Baby Bear Counters, Set of 120

 The litllest of the Three Bear Family Counters is 1” tall weighs 4 grams and comes in 4 bright..


Magnetic Square Tiles

Set of 80 magnetic square tiles, in 4 colours , red, green, blue and yellow. Measures 40mm x 40mm an..


Magnetic Yellow and Red Counters - 1 inch Set of 100 pieces

Set of 100 magnetic counters, packed in a plastic container. Consists of 50 red and 50 yellow counte..


Large Magnetic 2-Colour Counters - Set of 20

Large Magnetic 2-colour counters , each counter has a diameter of 70mm (7cm) and is made of rigid EV..


Mini Rekenreks, Set of 4

Rekenreks (also known as arithmetic racks or calculating frames) are ideal for building number sense..


Transparent Counters, Set of 1000

1 inch (25.4mm) diameter round transparent counters , in 4 colours (Green, Yellow, Blue, Red) . Idea..


Birds in a Nest Sorting Set

Momma and baby birds help young learners practice counting, sorting and colors in an interactive and..


RekenRods® Ten-Frames, Set of 4

Two-sided foam counters help students develop number concepts and learn basic facts to ten and beyon..


Under the Sea Ocean Counters™

Dive into counting, sorting, patterning, and other early math skills! Set of 72 counters come in 6 d..


Smart Snacks® Counting Cookies

A delicious way to learn! Children learn to recognize, count and compare numbers with soft, plastic ..


Mini 100-Bead Rekenrek, Single

Increase math fluency by developing number sense. The Mini 100-Bead Rekenrek is great for building n..


All About Me Sort & Match Houses

Give your All About Me Family Counters a home! Kids can discover a whole neighborhood's worth of new..


Pet Counters, Set of 72

 Ideal for early learners and enhance theme-based units. Set includes counters in 6 shapes–a do..


Unilink Linking Cubes Set of 500

Easy to connect, these interlocking cubes come in 10 bright colors: blue, yellow, red, green, orange..


1-10 Counting Owls Activity Set

Whoo wants to count? Stack these colorful owls to match the numbers (1-10) on the branch to build ea..


20-Bead Sensory Rekenrek

Adds a sensory element to visualizing math concepts. This 20-bead Sensory Rekenrek has grooves in th..


2-Row Rekenrek Counting Frame

Practice counting, adding, and subtracting using the red and white beads, which are in 2 rows of 10 ..


Giant Magnetic Ten Frame Set

Easily demonstrate base-ten number concepts on the whiteboard! Giant magnetic ten-frames and colorfu..


UniLink® Linking Cubes, Set of 1,000

Easy to connect, interlocking cubes are perfect for teaching students fundamental math concepts—coun..


Three Bear Family Counters, Set of 96

This adorable set of plastic bears comes in three sizes, three weights and in FOUR colours.Not only ..


Mini 20-Bead Rekenrek, Set of 25

Ideal for building number sense. Help children visualize number relationships, deepen understanding ..


Three Bear Family® Pattern Cards

Did you know that patterning is an important pre-reading skill?Your preschooler will enjoy playing w..


Farm Counters, Set of 72 pcs

Great party favors! This set of 72 adorable barnyard buddies come in six shapes, six colors and two ..


Backyard Bugs™ Counters (Set of 72)

These colorful creepy, crawly counters turn sorting and counting activities into fun adventures. Set..


Three Bear Family® Sort, Pattern & Play Activity Set

This versatile set is brimming with bears! Develop early math skills with a variety of colorful bear..


All About Me Sorting Neighborhood Set

Sorting fun for the whole family! Kids learn color, matching, and sorting skills as they talk about ..


Wooden Double- Nine Domino Set

 Dominos is a good tool to teach basic math, couting, and sorting skills...


Three Bear Family® Counters (Set of 80)

This adorable set of plastic bears comes in three sizes, three weights and four colors. Not only wil..


Three Bear Family Beginners Balance Set

Let the Three Bear Family weigh in with this simple see-saw balance! A visually engaging and ta..


Three Bear Family Baby Bear Balance Set

Explore measurement with Baby Bear(TM)! Clear balance buckets remove easily for emptying and allow s..


Take 10! Color Bug Catchers

Turn any 10 minutes into quality time. Playing our Color Bug Catchers game is a great way to spend i..


Square Color Tiles, Set of 400

Watch your children explore and build colorful patterns with these plastic tiles. Set includes 400 c..


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