Place Value Trains

Plastic place value train cards that are printed on durable pp card material, kit contains 28 t..


Multi-coloured Base Ten

Base ten is well known for its use for operations, place value, decimal, model drawing and much more..


Place Value flip Chart (Millions)(Teacher's Demonstration Set)

 This exciting flip charts, have separate flips for ones until Million. Exist in 2 sizes; the s..


Number Lines Teachers Guide Book

Teachers guide book on Number Lines by Dr. Paul Swan, containing printable worksheets and game files..


Teaching With Ten Frames Activity Book

Teaching with Ten Frames, Including Five Frames and Ten Strips Make the most of the Ten Frame as ..


Laminated Hundreds Boards, Set of 10

"Two-sided 11 x 11 cards provide 1" number squares from 1 to 100 on one side with blank grid on the ..


Interlocking Base Ten Starter Set

This unique set of base ten components conveniently interlocks to clarify place value, estimation an..


Hundreds Number Board

Introduce number patterns, sequencing, place value and more with this durable plastic Hundreds Numbe..


Place Value Tabletop Pocket Chart

  Ages 6-8   Practice place value from ones to hundred millions with this..


Base Ten Starter Set

Use these Plastic Base Ten manipulatives to engage students in concrete demonstrations of place valu..


Make a Splash 120 Mat Floor Game

Dive into number concepts through 120! Learn about place value and practice addition and subtraction..


I Sea 10 Game

Reel in addition skills by catching combinations of 10! Players take turns flipping cards to show nu..


120 Number Board

Build, count, and discover the world of 120! Introduce number patterns, sequencing, place value, odd..


Counting & Place Value Pocket Chart

Teach counting, sorting, place value and grouping with this versatile, heavy-duty chart. Includ..


Hundreds Pocket Chart

This quality vinyl hundreds chart has 100 plastic pockets as well as two coloured cards 0-100 to inv..


Hip Hoppin Hundred Mat - Floor Game

Hop on this oversize version of the familiar hundreds board. This versatile mat will engage a range ..


Decimal Place Value Arrows

Decimal Place Value Arrows: From 0.0-0.999! Set of 30 durable, no tear plastic arrows, 10 each of 3 ..


100 Ant Picnic™ Math Activity Set

One hundred hungry ants will invade your picnic, helping with counting, number patterns, and all thi..


Stackable Multi-coloured Base Ten

Base ten is well for its use for operations, place value, decimal, model drawing and much more. The ..


Hundred Pocket Chart

Large pocket chart with one hundred clear pockets. Includes 100 number cards, with red numbers on wh..


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