Mass and Weights

Mass & Weights

Iron Mass Set, Set of 28

The iron mass is plated with nickel to give it a shiny chrome-like finish. Set of 28 pieces, compris..


Hexagon Plastic Weights

Hexagon Plastic Weights consists of 12 of 1g, 20 of 5g, 10 of 10g and 4 of 20g. It allows student t..


Simple Digital Scale, 2kg

The weighing area is round pan of diameter 115mm and includes tare and zero functions. The scale can..


Slot Weight Set (1kg slot weight set)

  Slot weight is useful to investigate effect of weight as a force. It canbe use with ..


Weight Set , 1g to 210g

Weight set consisting of (1g,2gx2,5g,10g,20gx2, 50g,100g).Using this weight set, it is possible to m..


Weight Set , 1kg

Weight set consisting of 10g x 1 20g x 2 50g x 1 100g x 2 200g x 1 500g x 1 Usi..


Weight Set , 1g to 1.1kg

Weight set consisting of (1g,2gx2,5g,10g,20gx2, 50g,100g,200gx2,500g) . Using this weight set, it is..


Slotted Weight, 50g x 10

Slotted weight , with 9 weighted discs, each weighing 50g, The base and hook also weighs 50g, giving..


Brass Mass Set

Ages 8-13 Ten-piece precision weight set includes two each of 1g, 2g, 5g and 10g weights, a..


1g Plastic Hexagon Weight(1g weight,set/100)

  These 1g plastic hexagon weight is ideal for modelling the correct weight. Useful fo..


1 kg Iron Mass

  This iron mass is an item supplied to primary schools for MOE CPDD SSM project...


Pan Balance

A lever balance which features 2 detachable 1000ml (1 litre) buckets for easy clean up. Sliding comp..


Large Iron Mass Set, Set of 9

Set of 9 Iron Mass, which can be used as calibration weight. Made of Iron with nickel plating, givin..


1g Plastic Hexagon Weight(Combo set)

These 1g plastic hexagon weight is ideal for modelling the correct weight. Useful for comp..


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