Play Money Classroom Set

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 This set includes 900 pcs of butterfly series Play-Money dollar notes. The notes are made of thick paper (157g/sm) with glossy surface or soft lamination to make it lasting. The sizes are comparable to the actual notes and the colour schemes used resemble the actual notes. Printed only on one side, in accordance with MAS guidelines.

The coins are made of strong and durable plastic, with a realistic look and feel. There are 800 pieces of coins in this set,

Notes Qty Coins Qty
$2 200 5c 100
$5 200 10c 200
$10 200 20c 100
$50 100 50c 100
$100 100 $1 200
$1,000 100   100
TOTAL 900     800

Play-Money provides a realistic way for the teaching and learning of money concepts. Useful in mathematics lessons as well as financial literacy lessons.

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