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Playmoney notes and coins set that are designed to resemble closely to the colour scheme of the Singapore currency. .Both notes and coins were produced adhering to MAS guidelines. The notes are made of thick paper with soft lamination, making it durable and more resistant to wear and tear. The coins are made of hard almost unbreakable plastic (ABS) with deep embossing, making it very realistic and have the touch and feel of a real coin. In fact, toss the coin to the floor and it even have that familiar ringing sound like a real coin.

The set is packed in a durable zip mesh pouch, to act as a wallet for role-playing with the notes and coins.

The notes consist of

  • 40 pcs of $2 notes
  • 16 pcs of notes
  • 80 pcs of $10 notes
  • 16 pcs of $50 notes
  • 8 pcs of $100 notes

The coins consist of

  • 12 pcs of 5c coins
  • 30 pcs of 10c coins
  • 20 pcs of 20c coins
  • 8 pcs of 50c coins
  • 30 pcs of $1 coins

Note: there are 2 types of notes design, namely the butterfly series and the flower series, (see pictures). In most cases, it is the butterfly series that is packed. However, subject to availability, sometimes the flower series is packed. 

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