Lets Explore Series

The Let's Explore Series is the series of science kits that is jointly developed by Science Centre Singapore and Expenovate Pte Ltd.  The kits are self-contained kits , designed to encourage inquiry based learning, and tailored , where possible, to the primary science syllabus in Singapore. 

Expenovate Pte Ltd is the owner of The Learning Store (www.learningstore.sg) and Scienz.net (www.scienz.net)

My First Lab Water Filtration

Explore and discover the process in water is filtered until it become clean. Water filtration is an ..


Let's Explore Chemistry Kit

The Chemistry Kit is a valuable learning tool for Pri 3 up to Sec 2 students. It begins with the sim..


My First Lab Volcano Eruption

Create a volcanic eruption right in front of you. This safe and exciting experiment create bubbly “l..


Let's Explore Electricity Kit

Learning the concepts on Electricity can be baffling! This kit guides a child to understand electric..


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