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Let's Explore Chemistry Kit

The Chemistry Kit is a valuable learning tool for Pri 3 up to Sec 2 students. It begins with the sim..


Fossil Excavation - Tyrannosaurus Rex

 Tyrannosaurus Rex Fossil Excavation: Discover with Science4you and the University of Oxford fa..


Food Pyramid Pocket Chart

This Food Pyramid Pocket Chart has been updated to reflect the revised food pyramid nutritional guid..


Simple Student Basic Microscope Set

Simple student microscope with magnification 100x, 200x and 450x. Use a mirror as illumination. the ..


1-2-3 Build a Car, Plane or Boat

Your budding engineer will love using these mix-and-match pieces to build three different modes of t..


Super HD Microscope (with Smartphone attachment)

This microscope is simply amazing! Attach a smartphone to it and you get an amazing digital microsco..


Let's Explore Electricity Kit

Learning the concepts on Electricity can be baffling! This kit guides a child to understand electric..


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