Fun Science

Learn Science in a fun way

Colour Paddles, Set of 6

Set of 6 plastic colour paddles to demonstrate how colours mix with each other. Explore and discover..


Bug Jar Magnifier (Set of 10 Jars)

Safe and exciting way to observe life insects and learn!!Ventilated bug jar - holes on the cover to ..



WILD. Science is a range of collectable science kits with attitude. They are designed to have great ..


Twisty Droppers™

Irresistible eyedroppers put a fun twist on water play and building fine-motor skills! Squeeze the b..


Helping Hands™ Sensory Scoops

Strengthen your sensory and fine motor skills one scoop at a time! This set of 4 colorful scoopers e..


Botley® the Coding Robot Activity Set

Meet Botley, the code to fun! Botley is here to introduce coding in an easy, friendly way. Children ..


1-2-3 Build It!™ Car-Plane-Boat

Your budding engineer will love using these mix-and-match pieces to build three different modes of t..


Code & Go® Robot Mouse Activity Set

The race is on to build hands-on coding skills! Build your maze, and then use the coding cards to cr..


Primary Science Deluxe Lab Set

Budding scientists will have a blast conducting their own experiments using the Primary Science Delu..


Primary Science® Color Mixing Lenses

See the world in a new light...and choose your color too! Place up to 3 interchangeable, primary-col..


Science Journals

Science Journals invite students to record and share their observations and allow you to accurately ..


DIY Solar Plane - A STEAM Project

Discover how solar energy is converted to Electricity and can be used to power up the motor. This so..


Beaker Creatures® 4-Pack plus Pod Maker, Series 3

It's a fizzing, foaming science adventure! Make your own Beaker Creatures Reactor Pods out of common..


GeoSafari® Jr. My First Microscope

The Big IdeaDesigned by a scientist and mother of two preschoolers, My First Microscope allows kids ..


STEM Magnets Activity Set

Attract early learners to the wonders of magnetism! STEM lessons are irresistible when you add the e..


Shampoo and Shower Gel Factory

Find out:- How shampoo first appeared- The science behind shampoos, conditioners and shower gels- Th..


Reactor POD 2 pack

Which creature will you discover? Turn your kids’ love of collectible toys into a real-world science..


Playground Engineering & Design Building Set

Encourage your child to come up with their own designs or they can follow the Challenge Cards, which..


Lets Explore Air Kit

Air Kit is a comprehensive kit that allows young minds to explore the forces exerted by air (and win..


Into The Garden Sensory Activity Kit

Children learn about gardening and plants through endless hours of open-ended, screen-free, sensory ..


GeoSafari® Jr. Mighty Magnifier™

The Big IdeaMagnify the fun of exploration and discovery with these 8x magnification glasses!Psst.....


Beaker Creatures® 6-Pack Reactor Pods, Series 2

More than 30 new Beaker Creatures to collect and discover! The science adventures continue with the ..


STEM Sink or Float Activity Set

Set sail with real STEM learning! Young learners can dive into early physics in a fun, colorful way ..


Primary Science Leap & Launch Rocket

Budding scientists get ready to blast off! Young learners will enjoy countless adventures in early s..


Perfume Factory

Find out:- What fragrances are- The history of perfumes- Which techniques are used to produce perfum..


Code & Go® Robot Mouse Math Pack

Tackle early math concepts in the Code & Go Robot Mouse Math expansion set. Using the included n..


Beaker Creatures® 6-Pack Reactor Pods, Series 1

Which creature will you discover? Turn your kids' love of collectible toys into a real-world science..


Skeleton Magnetic Tiles

New in package Magnetic Parts of A Skelton Learning Resources Classroom – Home School – At Home GRAD..


Beaker Creatures® Monsterglows 5-Pack

Even more new Beaker Creatures to collect and discover! There are glowing, ghoulish creatures and sm..


TurboPop STEM Challenge

Can you build and solve the ultimate STEM challenge? Put your physics skills to the test with the Tu..


Sand & Water Fine Motor Tool Set

Add even more fun to your splash-filled adventures! With the Sand & Water Fine Motor Set from Le..


Primary Science Plant and Grow Set

Plant the seeds of early science discovery! Unique pieces, such as an observation jar and rooting tr..


Hot Dots® Jr. Ultimate Science Facts Interactive Book Set with Talking Pen

The Big IdeaUncover some truly fascinating scientific facts and encourage an early interest in scien..


Code & Go Mouse Mania Board Game

This analog coding game teaches digital skills! Building on the success of Learning Resources™ Co..


Alcohol Laboratory Thermometer, set of 10

Set of 10 alcohol laboratory thermometers, each measure from -10oC to 120oC . Works perfectly well i..


Yuckology Slime Lab

Yuck! Make and store your grossest goo with the Yuckology! Slime Lab from Learning Resources. Using ..


U-Shape Electromagnet

A hands-on way for students to more closely examine the power of electromagnetism. The U-shaped elec..


Thermal Conductivity Bar

Comprises four metal strips made of different materials, namely copper, aluminium, brass and steel /..


STEM Explorers™ Magnet Movers

Attract early physics skills through fun magnet experiments! Kids experiment with the motion of magn..


Magnetic Wand, Set of 6

Set of 6 plastic magnetic wands. Made of strong magnets enclosed in a plastic casing, making it safe..


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