Fun Science

Learn Science in a fun way

Wild Science Magic Nail Studio

Create your own exciting nail polish, wow your friends with your own colour and vibrance. Most impor..


Wild Science Lip Balm Studio

Create your own lip balm, wow your friends with your own unique scent, colour and vibrance. Most imp..


Wild Science Rocket Ball Workshop

Fun and exciting science to create balls that is extremely bouncy. Learn about elasticity, and energ..


Playground Engineering & Design Building Set

Encourage your child to come up with their own designs or they can follow the Challenge Cards, which..


Perfume Factory

Find out:- What fragrances are- The history of perfumes- Which techniques are used to produce perfum..


Fingerprints - Criminal Investigation

Find out : - What are fingerprints- Which methods are used by criminologists to solve crimes- How to..


Shampoo and Shower Gel Factory

Find out:- How shampoo first appeared- The science behind shampoos, conditioners and shower gels- Th..


Lets Go Code Activity Set

Children will have fun while building gross motor skills by stepping, hopping and turning. This set ..


Gears! Gears! Gears!

Design your own universe with this building set. There are so many possibilities! Place the handle i..


1-2-3 Build a Car, Plane or Boat

Your budding engineer will love using these mix-and-match pieces to build three different modes of t..


Botley - the Coding Robot Activity Set

Meet Botley, the code to fun! As the newest member of the Learning Resources family, Botley is here ..


Solar Plane

Find out : - What solar energy is and its dierent forms- How a solar panel works- What types of sola..


Soap Factory (Mini)

 Make your colourful and perfumed soaps!Contains : -Red food colouring-Wooden Spatula -Soa..


Soap Factory

Find out: - The difference between a substance and a mixture- What are the physical states of matter..


Primary Science Color Mixing Lenses

See the world in a new light…and choose your color too! Place up to 3 interchangeable, primary-color..


Plastic Safety Goggles(set/10)

Safety goggles to ensure the eyes are always protected in any eventuality. it is always good to inst..


Mini Lab - Crystal Growing

Find out:- What a crystal is- How crystals are formed- The difference between crystals and minerals-..


Cooking Science (Mini)

Learn how to make your own delicious pizza and cottage cheese!    Contains : -Re..


Code & Go Mouse Mania Board Game

This analog coding game teaches digital skills! Building on the success of Learning Resources™ Co..


Alcohol Laboratory Thermometer, set of 10

Set of 10 alcohol laboratory thermometers, each measure from -10oC to 120oC . Hence they are very su..


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