Shampoo and Shower Gel Factory

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Find out:
- How shampoo first appeared
- The science behind shampoos, conditioners and shower gels
- The effects of shampoo
- The science of hair
- What organic compounds and pH regulators are
- How to make fantastic and scented shampoos, conditioners and shower gels 

36-page coloured book providing detailed instructions and scientific information. 


- Cleansing base
- Softening agent
- Thickener
- Baby calm fragrance
- Strawberry fragrance
- Foam booster
- Conditioning agent
- Small measuring cup
- Large plastic cups
- Plastic spatula
- Protective gloves
- Wooden spatulas
- Pasteur pipettes
- Plastic heart-shaped flasks with lids
- Plastic tube-shaped flasks with lids
- Decorative stickers for flasks
- Blue cosmetic colouring
- Pink cosmetic colouring
- Plastic bathtub
- pH test striips


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