Junior Chemistry

Junior Chemistry

Wild Science Magic Nail Studio

Create your own exciting nail polish, wow your friends with your own colour and vibrance. Most impor..


Wild Science Lip Balm Studio

Create your own lip balm, wow your friends with your own unique scent, colour and vibrance. Most imp..


Wild Science Rocket Ball Workshop

Fun and exciting science to create balls that is extremely bouncy. Learn about elasticity, and energ..


My First Lab Water Filtration

Explore and discover the process in water is filtered until it become clean. Water filtration is an ..


Let's Explore Chemistry Kit

The Chemistry Kit is a valuable learning tool for Pri 3 up to Sec 2 students. It begins with the sim..


Perfume Factory

Find out:- What fragrances are- The history of perfumes- Which techniques are used to produce perfum..


Large Test Tube with rack

Set of 6 test tubes with 28mm internal diameter with flat bottom so that it can stand on a table. Ma..


Fingerprints - Criminal Investigation

Find out : - What are fingerprints- Which methods are used by criminologists to solve crimes- How to..


Shampoo and Shower Gel Factory

Find out:- How shampoo first appeared- The science behind shampoos, conditioners and shower gels- Th..


Primary Science Set, Set of 12

These real science tools are perfectly sized for little hands! Put this powerful assortment of resou..


Jumbo Test Tubes



Chemistry Molecules Modelling Set

Molecular Models are easy to handle and snap together. Build both inorganic and organic models using..


Soap Factory

Find out: - The difference between a substance and a mixture- What are the physical states of matter..


Slimy Factory - Slippery Slugs

- Find out:- What atoms and molecules are- What are the characteristics of polymers and some curiosi..


Primary Science Lab Gear

Our Lab Glasses and Lab Coat add the perfect dose of dramatic play to your child’s next science disc..


Primary Science Color Mixer

Mix up some color for your next science experiment! Divided flask allows for two chambers of colored..


Plastic Safety Goggles(set/10)

Safety goggles to ensure the eyes are always protected in any eventuality. it is always good to inst..


pH Paper(set/200)

The pH paper does more than just indicating if a substance is acidic or alkaline, but indicate the a..


Mini Lab - Crystal Growing

Find out:- What a crystal is- How crystals are formed- The difference between crystals and minerals-..


Filter Paper

Set of 100 pieces of filter paper, perfect for use with a funnel to filter liquids and collecting th..


Colored Safety Goggles

These fun, colored safety goggles can be used any time students need reliable eye protection. Sized ..


My First Lab Volcano Eruption

Create a volcanic eruption right in front of you. This safe and exciting experiment create bubbly “l..


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