Perfume Factory

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Find out:
- What fragrances are
- The history of perfumes
- Which techniques are used to produce perfumes
- How to obtain massage oils, rose tonics or make perfumed paintings
- How to create your own perfumes and bath salts 

36-page coloured book providing detailed instructions and scientific information. 

- Large measuring cups
- Small measuring cups
- Pasteur pipette
- Funnel
- Straws
- Protective gloves
- Plastic spatula
- Plastic test tubes with lids
- Test tube rack
- Decorative stickers sheet
- Round filter papers
- Sea salt
- Citric acid
- Liquid glycerine
- Wooden spatulas
- Wooden sticks
- Pink cosmetic colouring
- Blue cosmetic colouring
- Spray bottle
- Test strips
- Sodium bicarbonate
- Lemon fragrance
- Peach ffragrance
- Vanilla fragrance
- Tea bags:
Green with jasmine
Apple and cinnamon
Red berries


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