WILD. Science is a range of collectable science kits with attitude. They are designed to have great ..

S$9.50 S$18.90

2-AA batt holder Set/10

2xAA battery holder with wires with crocodile clips...

S$18.00 S$18.90

Wires 30cm with crocodile clips

Set of 10 pieces of connecting wires , with insulated crocodile clips on both ends. Come in 5 colour..


Electronic Buzzers - Set of 10

Set of 10 electronic buzzers with a pair of binding post for easy connection with crocodile clips. W..

S$23.70 S$24.90

Magnetic Floating Demonstrator

A great eay to understand magnetic levitation and how magnetic force works. 3 magnetic rings with li..


Fruit Clock

This exciting fruit or potato clock allows students to explore the workings of an electrolytic cell...

S$15.90 S$19.90

3-D Builder, Balls and Rods

Set of 330 pieces. Set includes rods of 6 different proportionate sizes in 6 different colours and b..

S$35.90 S$39.90

Acrylic Mirrors , Set of 10

Set of 10 square acrylic mirrors, safe and almost unbreakable, yet with properties surpassing the gl..


Large Iron Mass Set, Set of 9

Set of 9 Iron Mass, which can be used as calibration weight. Made of Iron with nickel plating, givin..


U-Shape Electromagnet

A hands-on way for students to more closely examine the power of electromagnetism. The U-shaped elec..

S$32.30 S$35.90

Magnetic Wand, Set of 6

Set of 6 plastic magnetic wands. Made of strong magnets enclosed in a plastic casing, making it safe..


Lets Explore Air Kit

Air Kit is a comprehensive kit that allows young minds to explore the forces exerted by air (and win..

S$44.90 S$49.90

Equilateral Prism

Your child will be amazed by the tricks light can play with this equilateral prism. Explore the ways..


Color Paddles, 6 colors, Set of 18

Transparent 6 paddles in six colors with three textures demonstrate the principles of color mixing. ..



A perfect assortment of magnets for group work, ideal for a small group of 3-5 students. Set consist..


Ball and Ring - Linear Expansion Apparatus

A perfect set of apparatus to demonstrate linear expansion in a solid. The set comprises of a ball a..

S$14.90 S$22.90

Giant Classroom Thermometer

Largest working thermometer available for class display! 30 wall-mounted thermometer has 23 tube on ..

S$46.80 S$66.90


This 60-piece starter set is a great way to introduce your child to our full gears line while explor..

S$45.10 S$47.50

Deluxe Magnets Set

A classroom set of magnets enough for 5-12 pupils to use in a small classroom or group work. Good mi..

S$84.90 S$99.90

Basic Magnets Set

Set of 9 pieces. Consist of  75mm bar magnet x 2 pcs 100mm bar magnet x 2 pc 47mm U-Shape ..


Primary Science Leap & Launch Rocket

Budding scientists get ready to blast off! Young learners will enjoy countless adventures in early s..

S$32.30 S$35.90

Iron Filing in Acrylic, Set of 4

Set of 4 pieces of acrylic block, with iron filings suspended in fine oil. The block is made of high..


Bi-Metallic Switch

Demonstrate how a thermostat work. The apparatus consists of a bimetal strip that expands at differe..


STEM Sink or Float Activity Set

Set sail with real STEM learning! Young learners can dive into early physics in a fun, colorful way ..

S$44.70 S$55.90

Playground Engineering & Design Building Set

Encourage your child to come up with their own designs or they can follow the Challenge Cards, which..


STEM Force and Motion Activity Set

Get your motor running with real STEM learning! Discover the science of motion through scientific ex..

S$45.50 S$56.90

Gears! Gears! Gears!

Design your own universe with this building set. There are so many possibilities! Place the handle i..


Basic Electricity Kit

Basic electricity kit to allow students to form simple circuits, and explore how electricity works. ..


Color Mixing Glasses

 Take a look! These unique child–size glasses and interchangeable lenses let students observe t..


Classroom Thermometer

This oversized thermometer features a large, accurate 30cm glass magnifying tube, kerosene filled.Ra..


1-2-3 Build a Car, Plane or Boat

Your budding engineer will love using these mix-and-match pieces to build three different modes of t..


Weight Set , 1kg

Weight set consisting of 10g x 1 20g x 2 50g x 1 100g x 2 200g x 1 500g x 1 Usi..


Weight Set , 1g to 210g

Weight set consisting of (1g,2gx2,5g,10g,20gx2, 50g,100g).Using this weight set, it is possible to m..


Weight Set , 1g to 1.1kg

Weight set consisting of (1g,2gx2,5g,10g,20gx2, 50g,100g,200gx2,500g) . Using this weight set, it is..


Thermal Conductivity Bar

Comprises four metal strips made of different materials, namely copper, aluminium, brass and steel /..


Slotted Weight, 50g x 10

Slotted weight , with 9 weighted discs, each weighing 50g, The base and hook also weighs 50g, giving..


Simple Digital Scale, 2kg

The weighing area is round pan of diameter 115mm and includes tare and zero functions. The scale can..


Science Sort Activity Set

Colossal card set stretches higher-order thinking skills! Supports deeper understanding as studen..


Primary Science Mix & Measure Set

Explore and compare measurements! Chunky, colorful tools are contoured for little hands. Activity ca..


Primary Science Color Mixing Lenses

See the world in a new light…and choose your color too! Place up to 3 interchangeable, primary-color..


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