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Self Contained Science Kits 

My First Lab Water Filtration

Explore and discover the process in water is filtered until it become clean. Water filtration is an ..

S$17.00 S$17.90

DIY Solar Plane - A STEAM Project

Discover how solar energy is converted to Electricity and can be used to power up the motor. This so..


Digital Kitchen Bowl Scale

Digital kitchen scale in the shape of a square bowl, very convenient to measure weights of non-solid..


Lets Explore Air Kit

Air Kit is a comprehensive kit that allows young minds to explore the forces exerted by air (and win..

S$44.90 S$49.90

Primary Science Lab Gear

Our Lab Glasses and Lab Coat add the perfect dose of dramatic play to your child’s next science disc..

S$37.90 S$39.90


A perfect assortment of magnets for group work, ideal for a small group of 3-5 students. Set consist..


Deluxe Magnets Set

A classroom set of magnets enough for 5-12 pupils to use in a small classroom or group work. Good mi..

S$84.90 S$99.90

Perfume Factory

Find out:- What fragrances are- The history of perfumes- Which techniques are used to produce perfum..

S$48.40 S$50.90

Fossil Excavation - Tyrannosaurus Rex

 Tyrannosaurus Rex Fossil Excavation: Discover with Science4you and the University of Oxford fa..


Playground Engineering & Design Building Set

Encourage your child to come up with their own designs or they can follow the Challenge Cards, which..


Encyclopedia Of Science Blackline Masters

The most comprehensive source of science graphic organizers and blackline masters available—216 incl..

S$28.40 S$37.90

TurboPop STEM Challenge

Can you build and solve the ultimate STEM challenge? Put your physics skills to the test with the Tu..


My First Medical Kit

 - Find out:- What medicine is- About medical equipment and role and core functions of doctors ..

S$34.60 S$40.70

Plastic Safety Goggles(set/10)

Safety goggles to ensure the eyes are always protected in any eventuality. it is always good to inst..

S$23.90 S$29.90

Yuckology Slime Lab

Yuck! Make and store your grossest goo with the Yuckology! Slime Lab from Learning Resources. Using ..


Solar Plane

Find out : - What solar energy is and its dierent forms- How a solar panel works- What types of sola..


Soap Factory (Mini)

 Make your colourful and perfumed soaps!Contains : -Red food colouring-Wooden Spatula -Soa..


Soap Factory

Find out: - The difference between a substance and a mixture- What are the physical states of matter..


Slimy Factory - Slippery Slugs

- Find out:- What atoms and molecules are- What are the characteristics of polymers and some curiosi..


Mini Lab - Crystal Growing

Find out:- What a crystal is- How crystals are formed- The difference between crystals and minerals-..


Fossil Excavation - Stegosauros

Stegosauros Fossil Excavation: Discover with Science4you and the University of Oxford facts abo..


Fingerprints - Criminal Investigation

Find out : - What are fingerprints- Which methods are used by criminologists to solve crimes- How to..


Cooking Science (Mini)

Learn how to make your own delicious pizza and cottage cheese!    Contains : -Re..


Code & Go Programmable Robot Mouse

Jack, the fully programmable robot mouse, is ready to follow commands to teach hands-on coding conce..


Botley - the Coding Robot Activity Set

Meet Botley, the code to fun! As the newest member of the Learning Resources family, Botley is here ..


Beaker Creatures Whirling Wave Reactor

It’s a whirling wave reaction! Discover another cool way to extract your Beaker Creatures with the W..


Beaker Creatures Magnification Chamber

Blow up your Beaker Creatures! The worlds of science and collectible toys collide with the Beaker Cr..


My First Lab Volcano Eruption

Create a volcanic eruption right in front of you. This safe and exciting experiment create bubbly “l..


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