Hand Pointers

Hand Pointers

15 inch Rainbow Handpointers, Set of 10

Colorful, hands-on pointers are easy to see against whiteboards and other light backgrounds.  ..


24" Hand Pointers, Set of 3

Fun, longer-reaching pointer encourages attention and participation. Use for any subject!  &n..


Mini Pockets, Set of 6

 Everything in its place with these magnetic pockets! Stores and organizes just about everything—pen..


15 Inch Patterned Hand Pointers (Set of 3)

Newly designed, with bold new colors and patterns, these engaging hand pointers are the perfect way ..


Telescoping Hand Pointer, Set of 10

  3 lengths in one pointer!        Reach as far as ..


Space Place Pocket Chart

Store and organize lots of materials in a little space with this handy pocket chart.   Holds ..


Hand Pointers, Set of 3

Great for imaginative play and classroom participation, children can play school, do board work, mak..


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