Magnetic Pocket Chart Squares (Set of 6)

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Add a splash of color to your organizational schemes! Stray papers, pens, and supplies find new, neat homes within the revamped Magnetic Pocket Chart Squares. Inspired by our original multi-use organizer, this set of 6 magnetic pocket charts feature a vibrant updated color scheme inspired by the rainbow itself—you'll get squares in red, blue, green, purple, orange, and yellow!

Each square's durable plastic pockets are sturdy enough to hold all kinds of materials. Use them as a classroom organizer to keep preschool classroom supplies neat, or stow stray papers found around the office. The squares also come with built-in magnets and hook-and-loop fasteners, so they're easy to hang just about anywhere. They're also modular: you can use your Magnetic Pocket Chart Squares individually or as one large chart.

Use the magnets to hang one on the side of a filing cabinet, or transform your whiteboard into an organizer station with all six at once! This teacher helper makes a great preschool classroom decoration!

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