Let's Talk Cubes

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Social and emotional learning in action! Get kids talking, sharing, and learning with the Let's Talk! Cubes. This set of 6 colorful conversation cubes features engaging prompts targeting topics related to social-emotional learning (SEL). One-on-one or in small groups, kids and adults alike can take turns rolling the cubes and answering one of the 36 SEL questions and prompts printed on the sides.

 Let's Talk! Cubes come with three different SEL categories: roll an orange cube for Ice Breakers like "What holiday do you like best and why?"; roll a blue cube for Social Skills prompts like "What steps should you take to tell someone you are sorry?"; or roll a green cube for Emotional/Feeling prompts like "Name a time when you learned from your mistake." Each of the Let's Talk! Cubes is made from durable foam that's ready for years of social-emotional learning activities.

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